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“I highly recommend Kaia, she is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. She makes you feel confident and supported in your baby feeding journey, no matter what that may look like to you. Baby feeding is incredibly emotional work and it’s so nice to find someone who doesn’t push any agendas, understands what it’s like to deal with low supply, and focuses on keeping mom and baby healthy while still helping you achieve your goals.”

“Every birthing person deserves the type of personalized, compassionate, and informed care that Kaia is dedicated to providing. She meets each individual where they are and takes into account the needs of both parts of a dyad when making her recommendations, recognizing that the wellbeing of the feeding parent and infant are intimately intertwined. She makes objective, research-based recommendations using the most up to date info and is committed to learning from a wide range of clients, practitioners, and parenting communities in order to ensure her approaches to care are inclusive & equitable. With Kaia in your village you & your child will be in good hands.”

“If you’re experiencing low supply and you’re tired of hearing “supply and demand,” book a consult with Kaia! She was my 8th and final lactation consultant. The 7 LCs who came before her didn’t provide advice that was helpful for me because they didn’t understand low supply, nor could they attempt to help me understand mine. After meeting with Kaia, I stopped trying to chase an unattainable goal, and I started doing what worked for me. Kaia helped me understand my situation and find my ideal breastfeeding arrangement at 4 months. I’m still going strong with it at 10 months.