I will be the broken record to sing this song until I’m the last one left at the party: 🎤there are SO MANY great ways to feed a baby. 🎶

Do I absolutely LOVE breastfeeding? Yes! But what I love even more than breastfeeding is the ability we have as parents to make great decisions for our own families. I love breastfeeding my daughter (and before a year: combo-feeding) because it’s a decision I’ve felt empowered in. What empowers me isn’t necessarily the *act of breastfeeding* or having combo-fed, but the participatory act of making a choice that worked for my family and seeing how that choice evolved. 

Whatever is right for you and your baby is a great decision, and we don’t need to overcomplicate it. I’ll cheer you on, whatever it is, and everyone else should too (just don’t mama bird it).

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